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Step Up Your Game & Get Your Body to the 


PHYSIQ  is a non-invasive body treatment that uses four applicators to target stubborn areas where exercise and diet may not be enough.

Treatments are fast, comfortable and results are optimized without downtime.


The next level in attaining ideal body contouring

PHYSIQ is the latest, most advanced body treatment technology from leading Italian laser manufactuer DEKA.  PHYSIQ delviers heat and energy to the targeted area for optimal results with no downtime. 

Youthful You has taken thoughtful time and consideration to uncover the IDEAL body treatment to offer our patients.  Youthful You is excited to share PHYSIQ with you! 

Youthful You invites you to visit our office for a comprehensive consultation so we may understand your exact goals and outline a complete treatment plan for key areas and associated sessions to achieve your desired results. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I expect before, during, and after my treatment?

BEFORE your PHYSIQ treatment, if necessary, you will want to shave the targeted area.  

Your provider will place up to four applicators spaced along the desired area and secure them with a PHYSIQ band.

DURING your treatment you may feel warmth at the applicator site, but PHYSIQ's energy delivery and unique patient control features ensures optimal comfort. 

AFTER your treatment, it is important to massage the area with the PHYSIQ body lotion that was designed to complement your body treatment.  One bottle of the PHYSIQ body lotion will allow you to continue this massage, twice daily, between treatments.

The area may feel warm for a few hours post treatemtn. 

How long is a single treatment?

A single treatment with all four applicators runs for 30 minutes.  Smaller areas may take less time.

Can I treat more than one area in a single session?

PHYSIQ has four applicators which may be used in sets of two on multiple areas in one single session.  A maximum of three areas may be treated in one day.

How many treatments will I need?

The recommendation is 5 sessions with each session spaced one to two weeks apart.  However, everyone is different.  It is important to discuss your target areas and specific goals with your provider.   

When will results be noticed?

You may notice immediate results after your first session, but as a general rule, PHYSIQ is best administered in a series of 5 treatmetns per area, once every one to two weeks.

How much is PHYSIQ laser body contouring?

The cost of PHYSIQ body contouring treatmetn varies depending on the number and sizes of target areas and your overall skin condition.  You can book a consultation to further discuss the details of your treatment.

Is PHYSIQ safe?

Yes.  The procedure is non-invasive with minimal downtime.  The PHYSIQ device itself is safe and comfortable due to its temperature consistency benefits.  

It can reach your underlying tissue quickly and maintain its therapeutic temperature safely.  The simultaneous contact cooling also allows your skin's surface temperature to only increase minimally throughout the procedure. 

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